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8 October 1983
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Okey dokey, time to revise this thing and hope it turns out faily well no? :D Well I am a college graduate of Occidental College, I have a major in Anthropology. Right now my goal is to become a doctor, however I understand it is my path, and right now, I want to enjoy the path that is my own, and ensure that when I am older I will not feel like I did not take advantage of my youth while I still posessed it. What does this mean? Well...

It means 'fuck the traditional student' (by all means do ;)) I do not want to work straight into getting into medical school, I want to get my masters first, I want to see the world first (or at least London, Spain, France, Germany, and... SWEDEN LAND OF THE VOLVOS AND SAABS AND ALL THAT IS SWEDISH AND PROUD!). So, to accomplish this I will first get some additional courses out of the way (some fucking way...) and then apply to masters programs in england and stuff :3

For about me, I'm bi racial, Swedish and Caribbean, 6'3" male, and gay wheee, yet I consider myself open to trying new things... well... someday... *shrugs* dunno :D gotta try new things sometime :3 ummm what else, I love Volvos, god bless them. Like videogames now and then, and all that good stuff... but yeah, lookit my livejournal wheee :D